Figure skating after your 30th.

Ice season is over and I come across my training log stats. I have done 79 hours in 5 months. I started when I was 32 y.o. from the very beginning. First lessons I could barely stand on my skates. I trained with children in figure skating sport club and had individual training. I am much more confident on ice now and if I come to public place I am considered as a good skater, while in figure skating school I am the worst ever. That’s not a shame because no one else is there starting at 32 years old. I have always wanted to do that. My parents didn’t want me to skate ever. So I had to be a parent to remember my child dreams. That is not bad or good. This is life.

You always can start doing things you dreamed of as a child. You would not be professional, but even that you could never know. That new hobby made me very happy this very hard year, when we all were getting sick with different types of flu or flu-like viruses every month.

And some pictures from ice.





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