What to visit in Prague if you are fit enough: The South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral.

We have visited the South Tower for the first time just a few weeks ago during The Prague Towers Game. I was sooo excited! I was just wondering why I had never visited it before?


Yes, you have to climb 287 steeply steps (which is not a big deal for me or my friends), but the view is even more stunning than you can expect._DSC1318-29Mar2015

The Great South Tower of the Cathedral was founded in the late 14th century, then reconstructed in the 16th and again in the 18th centuries. The cathedral’s bell tower was left unfinished in the 15th century; its soaring Gothic lines are capped by a Renaissance gallery added in the late 16th century, and a bulging spire that dates from the 1770s.


It is about 90 meters tall and you feel up to the sky, but it is somewhat windy._DSC1310-29Mar2015

The tower holds the biggest bell in the Czech Republic, called Žikmund, which dates from the 16th century.

_DSC1323-29Mar2015The entrance is in the Third Courtyard. The admission fee is 150 czk (about USD 6)

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