Am I a pescatarian? New life without meat, new recipes.

I was looking for a reason to stop eating meat again, remembering I had to reject this idea during my second pregnancy, because I started gaining weight too rapidly shoveling up pastas and rice. That wasn’t my plan indeed. Meat partially helped with the situation, but as far as I was not pregnant anymore, I had so many reasons going on with eating meat further. To tell the truth, I was not happy about that, but at least, it was tasty.

And now I am again a pescatarian. This word is used to describe those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish. In other words, a pescatarian maintains a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and other seafood such as shrimps and lobsters.

The first week was agonizing. I often found myself picking meat from a soup or anywhere else, luckily for me, always on time before I started gobbling it. I even gained half a kilo unaccustomed eating without meat. Maybe, either that happened because I was sick and did not work out at all, eating the same way, as I did train.

Now during the second, I am calm and happy living without hunger agonies. However, vegetarian or pescaterian diet can be a hell if you are eating gluten free like I do. Usually people who are vegetarians eat bread and pasta, but I cannot. So I have a lack of choice almost in all kinds of restaurants.

If you live in France or in Czech, people consider you are crazy, if you say “I do not eat meat”. But last couple of years even here, in Prague, you can find vegetarian restaurants, many of which are quite new.

_DSC0599-25Feb2015Preparing tom yum ingredients. My hubby learned how to cook tom yam and that was in our top #3 tom yam’s we had ever tried. Tom yam is not my favorite Thai soup, as far as I prefer coconut note in Tom Kha, but I added coconut in it and it was just perfect._DSC0863-02Mar2015

I found some quite new recipes during those days of hunger. The hit was avocado pasta, gluten free in my case… I definitely will eat it before half marathon race at the end of the month. When I told my hubby that it was the plan for a dinner, he made a bitter face, but after all he liked it too. That is not just melted avocado, but sauce with avocado, basil, garlic, lime and maybe some parmesan, very delicious one.

The second hit was buckwheat noodles in fusion style. Simple and tasty._DSC0601-25Feb2015

Also, I found, that I was good at baking gluten free and, moreover, I was interested more in the process then in eating. So, I am thinking about offering gluten free cakes on request. This one was so sophisticated and had a very interesting combination of ingredients: lemon and earl grey tea notes in the dough with poppy seeds and blueberries filling. Yummy!


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