Homemade Basil Pesto

Finally we got back our farm market after long winter. There are a lot of herbs on the Andel farm market today. Basil pesto is what we use quite often for sandwiches, mozzarella, salads and pasta. So I stopped to buy it and once a time make it by myself.

Here is a very easy step by step tutorial how to make fresh basil pesto at home.

I make it different from time to time: with or without garlic, with or without nuts or Parmesan cheese. Olive oil is always used and it has to be the best quality, because you feel how it tastes too much.

_DSC1946-15May2015  _DSC1917-15May2015

Today I made garlic and pine nuts basil pesto.

homemade basil pesto  _DSC1922-15May2015  

Just blend it all together and conserve with extra olive oil at the top to prevent color change.

_DSC1923-15May2015  _DSC1925-15May2015

I was so happy today to buy all that green stuff freshly grown in Czech.


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