Here I am sharing places and tips how to stay gluten free in Prague.

The first for now is Angelato with its gluten free kournout (waffle cup)!

IMG_6410Summer is coming. We love ice cream! I know, for some gluten free people even finding an ice cream is a problem. Can you imagine homemade gluten free ice cream in a waffle cup? Here it is! New gelaterie Angelato in Prague has an option just for extra 15 czk. That made me so happy! I have not eaten a kornout (waffle cup) for so many years. Thank you! I do not crave French gelaterie anymore.

Another brave guy, who opened a gluten free Italian style bakery in a not very popular place in Prague,

IMG_6416 I accidentally found it, since it is not far from my home.  The guy, I believe he is from Italy or looks like that, bakes real Italian bread and it is gluten free. I could not believe it. I hope to find out more, when I get well from a surgery. But for now, here are his contacts. Their web page does not work, I hope they fix it soon.

The bread there is way too salty for me, but tastes really great. If you are like me, tired of packaged bread, which tastes like foam or plastic, here is the place to check out.


And don’t forget about me, who am always happy to bake French style gluten free cakes for you.

Prague gluten free cakes
Prague gluten free cakes

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