Pre Half-Marathon Anxiety

It is only three days before Prague half marathon. I had participated in it last year, when I was breastfeeding my 7-month-old son. I was neither involved in much training that time nor in good shape at all after my baby had been born.


I have done a lot during the last year, but I am still terrified. What if I will have no improvement? What if I do worse?

_DSC0968-18Mar2015I have been trying to survive on reduced calories diet of about 2000 calories per day this week. I am feeling so miserable with this experiment now. I am about to fail every minute and start eating cakes and sugars right away. Everyone asks me why. Why and why have I been doing this now or at all? I decided to support my sister in her weight loss goal. I did not only consider the fact, that I am running a race soon and that I need much more food than she does, even if we are quite same at the first glance.

I have been making a lot of fruit shakes this week. I found it more exotic to replace Greek low fat yogurt with a coconut milk.

As far as the vegetables go, I was lazy to go to a supermarket, so I had no fish, no gluten free bread and no cheese. I only bought a lot of vegetables in a small shop not far from my place and baked them. Vegetables, baked with cumin seeds, turn out amazing.