The truth about my abs

To tell the truth I like my abs, but every fall they start to disappear and at the end of a winter I can barely see them at all. Sometimes I feel like: “Its not fair, I train almost every day, where are my abs? “ But the truth is abs are made in the kitchen. As cold and rains come, I start baking. Guess, who eats that baked staff? I do. Have you ever felt so proud of your workout that you did not feel guilty for a piece of cake? I have.

But spring is here, I have even some flowers on my terrace, and everything will soon be new! New grass growing, new flowers blooming, new seeds sprouting and that first day in the warm sun can’t help but bring a smile to your face. And then there are the smells – fresh dirt, fresh laundry, and well, fresh just about everything! As our external world basks in all of this newness, many of us also look to make a new start within ourselves. Those New Year’s resolutions seem cold and dark compared to the hopeful, sunny expectations of a spring resolution. So let’s get started – what do you want to do?

Me want new abs. No cookies, no cakes, no sweets… no coffee (sounds impossible!) I have to sell out all my baking stuff