30 days in USA: day 24 – the South Point and Green sand beach

Looking for a morning coffee in Kona… Kona is a coffee town, isn’t it? But I couldn’t find my coffee there. Green Flash – yucky, Lava Java – watery. Seems I stop to drink any coffee with milk in Kona. Well damn, if its hot and has a coffee flavor, let it be. We are sitting in the center of Kona, having breakfast with a sea view with Ali Drive by one hand and the ocean by another.

I believe I start to understand why Americans shocked about European, especially Italian coffee. First thing might be, where is my coffee and what is that thimble about?  But trying that deep thick aroma you can’t stay indifferent. There are good coffee shops in USA also but mostly they look like an insider’s shops, garages or small rooms whereas you get such a good coffee even in a gas station in Italy. Food theme in USA is very strange to me and I have much more to say about it. Probably, I’ll get back to the theme later.

We drive to the South point and Green Sand beach today. Calm nice road is ahead. South Point is the southern point of the USA (really, its not Key West) and a national historic landmark.You can spot a wind farm close to the point.

I made a small video about the trip.

It does feel as the end of the Earth, even thou that wind you can feel a vitality of nature’s power.

By the way the point is one of Hawaii’s most popular and bountiful fishing place. You definitely meet a lot of fishermen.

_DSC5364-18Jul2015And cliff jumpers as well. I wish I could jump. But I didn’t.


The wooden platform build on cliff for small boats anchored below. Jumpers used it to climb back. More I saw currants more I believed not everyone was back.


But it worth a try… at least when you are young enough to be so reckless.


After South Point we are moving to Green Sand beach trail. We are going to hike it. My husband offers to hike from the South Point but I am not as crazy and we drive. It is far and the weather isn’t nice at all.


Trail says its 3 miles one way. There are a lot of offers to drive you there if you don’t have 4wd for USD15 or so.

I love to hike. But this trail makes me sad. Erosion over there caused by many cars is aggravating.


It says its off road but… you can just chose…


My choice is walking.


I am trying to find the most convex part of the island. My Garmin says this is the end of the Earth.


We are offered to have a ride.


Sometime it isn’t as good idea as it sounds.


The Papakolea or Green sand beach. It is made of olivine, which erodes from the ancient cone towering over it. the olivine sand mixes with black sand creating this color.


You have to pass trough the cone inside to the strand.


If you scratch the cone you will get some sand which would have olivine pieces as well.

_DSC5392-18Jul2015   I don’t want to swim. Just entering the water to check in:)_DSC5385-18Jul2015-2

This place is really looks much better on pictures than itself. I would not recommend it, if you are short on time. There are much more interesting places in Big Island. But if you are “the end of the Earth” collector or cliff jumper or you have special feelings about stones – you have to go!


The way back is much faster as usual. We are driving home and I can’t forget that feeling seized me. That was a kind of pure serenity and happiness. We stop to buy fresh litchi for me and they are the most delicious food I’ve ever tried. Cold and juicy, just from a tree, from a guy with an old track and icy box it in. We are driving. We are listening to music. I am cracking litchis. I am in Hawaii.


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